MIUI ICS-4.0.4 AdyScorpius MIUI-v4 v2.3.31 Video review

MIUI v4 ICS latest
– Awesome Look
– In-built firewall for,
-Data usage control of each app
-Call spamming control
-SMS spamming control
-Customisable Notifications
-In-built Torch
-Awesome In-built Music player with lyrics support
-In-built Full screen caller Id support
-Highly customization in themes
-In built Proxy support -(to certain extent)
-Updates every Friday!!
-And many more

-Worse battery life
-Discharges as u see when in use

-Deep sleep works great! So can last longer, may be a day, If used only to answer and make calls

Hope you guys like this effort. Thumbs up if you do.
Any clarifications please comment, I will get asap.



Icecream Sandwich for Galaxy S2 review by me :)

Rescurrection V9.7 Remix ICS :: The ROM is really stable for daily usage. Battery life good. Equivalent to 2.3.6 stock update or even more. Everything working perfectly. No broken apps. Better than the stock ICS update.

Rescurrection V1.0Pro Remix ICS :: The ROM is claimed to be better than v9.7 by the dev but I personally feel it isnot. Battery life is not great compared to v9.7, Thats probably because deep sleep is not working well !!. Here is a snap, you may check out.

Both of them are good. No broken apps. I have a googleplay download problem in v1.0Pro. I would recommend v9.7 for now.Hope this is helpful to you.


Batista70 FoxHound Edition 2.8 is awesome! Worth giving a try

NOTE :: This will ‘Root‘ your phone! , Tested it on my phone so far Awesome! :)

Guide for Batista70 FoxHound 2.7
1) Copy the ZIP file (not unzip) Batista70 ROM memory of the phone sdcard
2) Unplug the USB memory and restart the phone in recovery mode
3) Now select the “Install zip from sdcard” and then the “choose zip from sdcard” and select the Rom Batista70
4) After the installation select the “reboot system now”

Changelog XXKJ3 foxHound 2.8
-Based on the latest official firmware 2.3.6 WIPE
-Abyss 2.1 Kernel by Angelom
-Theme Original Stock
-Tw 4.5 English By Fr4ggor
-CRT Old-TV Fix
-Added Overglow
-Browser NO Lag no Over scroll + User agent
-Added the Mod-Battery with incremental rate of 1%
-Delete the sound notifications full charge and minimum charge battery
-GPS Quick-Fix
-All Framework DEODEXED zipaligned and optimized PNG and has been compressed to save space
-Mms.apk no MMS auto-conversion -200 contacts per SMS – fixed received time thanks to (muveszur)
-Added the Mod rom to improve the bitrate audio / video
-Romoved the Wifi-sharing
– Added VOIP for Wifi
– Added multilingual T9 Dictionaries
– Camera Stock is better NOW on 2.3.5
-Improved Audio
-Transition animations
-Updated hosts to eliminate advertising and web apps
-Phone.apk CallRec integrated (No Auto Rotation + No Increasing Tone ) FULL SCREEN
-Ringtones ICS
-Notification ICS
-New Market 3.3.1
-Bootanimation SnakeS
-Video and Audio Gtalk Front Camera 2.3.5
-Torch app
-New Titanium Backup app
-New Gtalk app 1.3
-EmailWidget trasparent
-Added CWM app
-Removed some apk samsung
-SparePart plus
-Agile Lock
-App Manger (includes many mod to customize)
-DSP Manager
-Added to change font Fontomizer thanks Guidox
-Added Astro file manager
-NEW Clock Ice Cream
-Remore stock Email.apk and add AOSP Email.apk for No Battery drian + Removing keyguard and other security policy restrictions
-Ram Scrip added
-Included app_process and system_server from Android 2.3.7 (improves scrolling)
-Build.prop tweaks
-Included NEW Script for Undervolt your phone
-FoxHound Update for OTA
-Added more theme in FoxHound Upadate
-Jkay 13.2
-App removed flashable with this ZIP

Abyss Pluss 2.1
Updated kernel to Samsung Update3 Source
Changed frequency range:
Frequency boot and 1200-200 standard voltages for compatibility
Added tweak to the screen sharpness
Revisited every governor
Lowered frequency bus voltages
patch inserted MM
Added conversion RCU
Increase ext4 disk write performance
Updated BFQ i / o scheduler to version 3
memcg fix
inserted tweak to GS2
Fixed the problem Kies cones and USB Tethering
Fixed the problem with orbot
Added compatibility with the application of Touchmove Tegrak (to adjust the touch)
Modified support for video recording up to 100fps (watch the recording at 100 fps still does not work for limitations due to the Roma)
Core support 2nd application parameters changed
Fixed USB problems debugging
CW Recovery Added compatibility for ota updater
Increase battery life and performance
Hard-enabled Float
Added USB Tethering
AbilitatoBT BT_Wake logs for debugging
Adding CleanCache
Fixed fuel alert wakelocks
backport new 3.0 kernel block driver
Added possibility to insert Custom Boot Logo
(Sd in creating a folder called logo.jpg into the logo and copy, format 480×800, before flashing the kernel)
Changes in ondemand governor:
Improved stability
Posted wifi bugfixes
Cpufreq bugfix
Disabled Frame pint
Added battery calibration
Added auto-backup efs directory in / data / .Abyss
Removed iowait-is-busy-tunable code
Added Samplig down factor tunable queues
Minimum sampling rate set to 10ms
Enabled fast start
Cpufreq: optimized (deleted some unnecessary loops)
Faster output from deep sleep
Increased performance
Optimized Jhash 3
Modified wireless: fixed memory leak in case of failure of dhd_bus_init
Modified TCP
SLUB: Order slub_max set to 0
Modified workqueue
EMMC put to sleep before the suspension
Modified ondemand governor
Modified driver vibration
Added low-power idle notifier
Other minor changes to improve compatibility
Updated to Recovery CW
Input-hotplug tweaks pm
patch inserted CK2
included smooth scaling cpufreq
ARM optimized algorithm RWSEM
Updated some files based on
Fixed bug that brought to power on the screen frequency to 1536-600
Fixed wrap timers to 4,294 sec.
Added EXT4 file tweaks
Timer slack introduced cgroups subsystem (for less wakeups)
Adjust frequency based on events that take place with the second screen on / off
Adding RCU Classic
Introduced and improved macros for memory copy
MALI-400 GPU Disabled State Tracking
Removed Sync in workqueue wakelock
Faster access to cgroupfs
Modified some routines of management mmc
Fixed the problem with some governor in the management of the highest frequency.
All kernel functions Abyss