PHP Mail using Gmail SMTP Tutorial

I’m so glad.My php script is working hw it should…I would like share that code so that some1 else can use it !

  1. Get a PHP server running.Here I explain it for XAMPP and WAMP om windows.
  2. Download PHP-Mailer (they also have other php software for easy form-to-email).
  3. Go to your C:xampplitehtdocs folder (in XAMPP) or C:wampwww folder (in WAMP), and extract the PHP Mailer into it. I’ll call this folder Root from now on.
  4. Now go to Root, and create a php file say email.php
  5. Now you shall have to do some minor editing. Don’t worry, its majorly minor. Just change the Emails to your send and receiver, and type your password. Here’s what mine almost looks like. Almost. Thats not the password. … I think.

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