GSoC ’14 proposal for Beagle.org

Android based remote display

Organization: BeagleBoard.org

Abstract: “One cable to rule them all”. I intend to build a system where all the basic peripherals – keyboard, mouse and display, can be connected to BeagleBone by attaching it with a USB cable to Android phone. This will be implemented as a kernel module and an ready to use out-of-box app for Android. This module shall have a greater reach and also serve as seed for extending to other systems – Windows, iOS, Ubuntu phones etc.


Cracking windows 8 apps

I was looking for a crack of ‘Gravity guy’ to unlock Multiplayer mode. Boom! I found this! Something that can crack any application on the Windows 8 store. It does have its draw backs though.

- The app you want to crack should have a trail version (Try) available on the windows 8 store
 Its worth giving it a shot, considering the fact that most of the major apps like ‘Angry birds’, ‘Fruit Ninja’, ‘Cut the rope’ and not to forget ‘Gravity guy’ has a try optionDownload:

Just extract the files after download and browse to wsservice_crk_src_1.4.2wsservice_crkrelease
and read for_noobs.txt

WiFi hotspot in windows without any 3rd party software

Start a hotspot on your PC without any 3rd party software installation just with 2 commands!


This approach will start the hotspot instantaneously unlike connectify
Not a fan of commands? – worry not. I made the commands into a setup file for you. Of course this kills the purpose of this post but what the heck. The intention is to make it quick, minimal and simple after all.


  1. Super simple:
    • Download setup.exe and start.exe
    • Enable Internet sharing to hotspot
      • Network and sharing center
      • Right click on your LAN network –> Properties –> Sharing
      • Check “allow other network users to use this comp. internet”
      • Select your hotspot as the sharing enabled network

  2. Command way:
    • Open command prompt with admin rights. (press start button and search for ‘cmd’, right click and ‘run as administartor’)
    • To create hotspot, use: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=<hotspotName> key=<hotspotPassword> keyUsage=persistent’
    • Then to start hotspot, use: netsh wlan start hostednetwork’
    • Enable Internet sharing to hotspot
      • Network and sharing center
      • Right click on your LAN network –> Properties –> Sharing
      • Check “allow other network users to use this comp. internet”
      • Select your hotspot as the sharing enabled network

That’s it! No need of any 3rd party software which may slow down your PC. If this method fails I recommend you to try ‘WiFi hotspot creator’, light and simple before going back to ‘Connectify’. Hope that helps


Proxy free Windows xp/7/8 and Mobiles!

All the methods mentioned below are ethical and your institute should ideally allow them as they need your proxy authentication at some point or the other.

1. CC Proxy

  • Open CC proxy as administrator.
  • Go to Options. A configuration window pops, select your ip from the drop down (Ex: in my case) and check the checkbox right to it
  • Go to advanced (in options)->cascading tab->enable cascading (select all)
  • Enter your server details (Ex: server: netmon.iitb.ac.in, Port : 80) and authentication
  • Open proxy settings in Internet explorer->enter your proxy server as your ip address ( in my case), port as 808 for all but SOCKS. Enter 1080 for SOCKS
  • Open command prompt as admin user->type this. (Type cmd in search and right to open as admin)
  • Enter this ‘netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie‘ without quotes ofcourse and enter
  • And your DONE!!
For frequent ip changers: Goto Accounts and set,
                                        Permit category: Permit only
                                        Auth Type: IP Address
Select New (in same window) -> Enter IP Range as ‘’. Ensure Enable and IP Adress are checked.
Now instead of entering ip address in browser or other applications, enter

This is usually helpful to give an authentication free proxy to mobiles and other gadgets. If it didn’t work for you as is (I know it doesn’t for Windows 8 users), Download the below application and follow the steps. Mobile users scroll down for settings.

Download from http://www.praveenkumar.co.in/#!/Downloads
File name : ‘ccproxysetupfree7.2 .exe’
NOTE: Though it’s a paid software. You can use the free version without registering.


This one helps you run your Metro apps (Windows 8) without proxy pains!!
This app can’t do the job by itself. You need CC proxy setup done, for it to work

  • Open the app->After a copy process, press close->A window popsup->Click exempt all->Save changes and you are done !
  • A restart may be needed in some cases.

Download from http://www.praveenkumar.co.in/#!/Downloads
File name : ‘EnableLoopBackUtility.exe’


I own no credit about this video or method. This routes all you PC traffic through it with no need of settings in other apps! You can use everything as though you don’t have proxy! Its a paid app btw ;)

Download from http://www.praveenkumar.co.in/#!/Downloads
File name : ‘ProxifierSetup.exe’
NOTE: Its just the setup file. You need to either buy it or use a crack which you have to download seperately. IITB ppl can search for crack on DC as ‘netmon proxy’

-Here is a video which guides you. This video made for IIT Bombay proxy server. You can do it similarly for yours

Windows 8 tip
It has been noticed, quite often, that windows 8 metro apps won’t work even after following the above steps. Just consider yourself one of those unlucky souls and try this,
  • If you see exclamation mark on your LAN connection, right click on that icon and try ‘Troubleshoot problems’. It may work if the mark goes away.
  • Still not working ? You hit the jackpot :P It may take a couple of restarts. Don’t panic ! It will work on someday. There is nothing much I can comment on this particular behavior.
Mobile settings 
If you running on Android 4.0 or higher (works for windows phones also) and want to use institute LAN speeds without having to root follow this.
  1. Setup CCProxy as mentioned above
  2. Create a WiFi hotspot, either using connectify or without any third party software from here
  3. While connecting to the hotspot created above, go to advanced options while entering WiFi password
  4. Change proxy settings to manual and for host, enter <ip> you gave in CCProxy setup and the port as 808.

My 1st Android app – MDroid, Moodle for Android

                     Download from Play Store. Download direct to mobile using QR

What’s MDroid?: 

MDroid is Moodle for Android. It gives access to all your Moodle contents on your Android phone in a easy to access manner


    • Expected to work on all Moodle servers
    • Listing all courses
    • Listing course files
      • From Resources
      • From forums
    • Access to forums
      • Listing all discussion threads
      • Viewing the complete discussion of any thread
    • Showing the date times
      • Date time of each activity on forums
      • Last modified dates for offline files
    • Displaying author names
      • In forum threads
      • In forum dicussions
    • Parllel downloads (up to 2 at a time)
    • Save your username and password and autologin on next usage(only if you wish)
    • Offline mode

And a few others which include

  • No FC issues
  • No UI freezes
  • Simple look and user friendly

Compatibility and Devices Tested:

MDroid works on 99.3% of the Android devices in the world as seen from stats on Android Developers site. which I believe would be like 100% of Android devices in the Institute

Compatible Android Versions:

Android 2.1 - Eclair
Android 2.2 - Froyo
Android 2.3 – 2.3.7 - Gingerbread
Android 3.1 – 3.2 - Honeycomb
Android 4.0 – 4.0.4 - Ice Cream Sandwich
Android 4.1 - Jelly bean (up coming)

Tested devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 – running on ICS 4.0.3, ICS 4.0.4, GB 2.3.3
  • HTC One X – running on ICS 4.0.4
  • Xperia X10 – running on GB 2.3.3

I’m still running tests on other devices. However we strongly believe that it works fine on all devices

Data usage warning:

Data warning!

MDroid fetches contents by going through the required Moodle webpages. So, it will have a slightly heavy data usage depending upon your usage
Don’t panic! We have a work around for that!

Work around

It is highly recommended for the users to make use of the Institute Internet speeds/Wifi connection on your phone
How? very simple! Just follow below steps

  • Lemme tell, you do NOT have to ROOT your phone for this
  • Connect to any of the institute Wifi’s or create one for yourself using connectify
  • Expecting more? sorry to disappoint but that is it! Just connect and use the app!

Bugs and Known issues 

No bugs/issues presently! Thanks to Raghavendra.

Bugs/issues history:

  • FC issue#1 – (as on 03/07/12 18:00 by Developer)

Description: App FCs on scrolling the downloading file out of screen
Status: Resolved (by 4th June ’12 3:00 AM)
Solution: Just fixed a NULLPOINTER exception


  • Parllel/ serializing downloads – (as on 03/07/12 18:00 by Developer)


Description: Downloading a new file while another downloading ongoing will stop the ongoing download and states as downloaded!
Status: Resolved (by 4th June ’12 3:00 AM)
Solution: Parllel downloading added. Upto 2 files at a time


  • FC issue#2 – (as on 03/07/12 18:00 by Developer)


Description: MultiThreading problem! Going back and opening a course when a web request is ongoing will FC the app
Status: Resolved (by 4th June ’12 3:00 AM)
Solution: It was not a multithreading problem as mentioned, Its problem with httpConnectionManager. Resolved by adding ThreadSafeConnectionManager

These are the bugs I found till now. If you find any bug(s) or have suggestions to make please mail me.
Email Id : praveendath92@praveenkumarpendyala.in


MDroid and all its related data, which include video demos, snaps shots, website data, logos and the application, are developed by Praveen Kumar Pendyala. Special thanks to Raghavendra Bommaraju, Dept. of CSE, IIT Madras and all my friends who helped me in this work.