Qualcomm snapdragon, 20 days for one charge !

This is going to be a new revolution!

So you’re a big fan of your current Android smartphone save for the fact you seem to charge it every few hours.  What to do for your next smartphone?  Qualcomm believes you ought to consider a Snapdragon chipset for the Android handset and/or tablet.  To help illustrate just how great the Snapdragon’s battery life is, Qualcomm decided to show off a bit by filming a video over the span of 20 days and one charge.  The video below, Around the World in One Charge, shows a handset making its way around the globe on one singular charge.
Additionally, Qualcomm is implementing a contest on their Snapdragon Facebook page where you are encouraged to submit photos or videos of what you can do with one charge. Winners of the One Charge Challenge will receive Snapdragon enabled tablets and/or smartphones.



Icecream Sandwich for Galaxy S2 review by me :)

Rescurrection V9.7 Remix ICS :: The ROM is really stable for daily usage. Battery life good. Equivalent to 2.3.6 stock update or even more. Everything working perfectly. No broken apps. Better than the stock ICS update.

Rescurrection V1.0Pro Remix ICS :: The ROM is claimed to be better than v9.7 by the dev but I personally feel it isnot. Battery life is not great compared to v9.7, Thats probably because deep sleep is not working well !!. Here is a snap, you may check out.

Both of them are good. No broken apps. I have a googleplay download problem in v1.0Pro. I would recommend v9.7 for now.Hope this is helpful to you.