ASC bug

This has been around for more than a semester now! I take no credit for this. Blame? – sure! but keep it to yourself. This was brought to the notice of concerned people a long time ago and yet, here it is!

All it takes is a simple if condition Рreminds me of the famous Heartbleed bug

It can be done in any browser using inspect element or equivalent. I will leave the video to speak for itself about how to do it.

15 Aug 2014, 22:52 IST. Video has been made private on request from ISAA regarding privacy concerns. Will open up once the bug is fixed or not fixed after a few days. Which ever comes first :P After all, the main intention of the post is to elevate the issue, NOT to explore or let explore

The seriousness of the bug is far more than what was depicted in the video! Your thoughts and criticism on ASC are welcome. On me? Not so :P