DigitalOcean $110 / $10 free credits

Digital Ocean and others have collaborated with Github on Github Education Program to give a bunch of free stuff that normally aren’t so. As the Program name suggests, it’s for students. So, technically, only students can avail the benefits.

If you are not a student and yet here, you can get $10 credits if you haven’t signed up for a DO account already.


$10 credits – Signup for Digital Ocean account using this link


$110 credits

1. Signup for Github Education Program

2. Get your pack and retrieve your DigitalOcean Promo code

3. Signup for a DigitalOcean account from here

4. Open User Payments Profiles

5. At them bottom of the page, enter the Promo code from 3

… and you are welcome :)


Note: If you were already on DO, you might want to check this ;)