Download Android apps to PC from Play store

Ever had problems apps downloading to your Mobile directly ? Problems like…

  • App not available for your current location
  • No mobile data
  • App too big to download over mobile data
Not anymore. Assuming you have a good PC internet connection though.
This method lets you download android apps direct to your PC from Playstore.


  1. Download Real APK Leecher and extract it.
  2. Open your Android device and type *#*#8255#*#*
  3. Note the ‘aid‘ in Gtalk Service Monitor (In 2nd line). This is your Device id.
  4. Now open ‘Real APK Leecher‘ from the extracted files and Fill your Email id, Password and device id in the appropriate fields.
Expecting more ? Sorry to dissapoint. You can now,
 search for any app --> select it --> Right click --> Download.
Simple isn’t it ? Well not that simple if you are behind a Proxy with authentication. In which case you need to setup CCProxy.
Don’t have an Android phone ? Still want to run Android apps ? Well nothing is impossible. I got this just for you – Android apps on Windows

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