Using Android apps on Windows PC

Don’t have an Android phone ? Still want to enjoy android apps ? 

Here it is.. something that would help you..

  1. Download Bluestacks (Also available for Mac)
  2. Install it. Problems ?
If you are behind a Proxy with authentication. You may face issues while installing because the installer downloads additional data while installing. Setup CCProxy to over come that.

Note : Bluestacks doesn’t have proxy support. No it doesn’t work even with CCProxy or Proxifier or anyother such app. I tried it. In case you are thinking of rooting it as a solution. You are wrong because it doesn’t have IP tables support voiding proxy applications from working.

Want to download apps ? (Behind a proxy)
  1. Use this, Android apps to PC from Playstore, to download the .apk file (setup file) of the app you are looking for from playstore to your PC.
  2. Double click on the .apk and Bluestack will install it for you.
Here is a list of things I tried and failed to setup network connection to Bluestacks (Just so that you won’t waste your time trying to reinvent this wheel)
  1. CCProxy
  2. Proxifier
  3. Rooting Bluestacks
If you find a way to use net in Bluestacks behind proxy please do let me know. Thanks :)

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