ASC bug

This has been around for more than a semester now! I take no credit for this. Blame? – sure! but keep it to yourself. This was brought to the notice of concerned people a long time ago and yet, here it is!

All it takes is a simple if condition – reminds me of the famous Heartbleed bug

It can be done in any browser using inspect element or equivalent. I will leave the video to speak for itself about how to do it.

15 Aug 2014, 22:52 IST. Video has been made private on request from ISAA regarding privacy concerns. Will open up once the bug is fixed or not fixed after a few days. Which ever comes first :P After all, the main intention of the post is to elevate the issue, NOT to explore or let explore

The seriousness of the bug is far more than what was depicted in the video! Your thoughts and criticism on ASC are welcome. On me? Not so :P


Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Build 8250

Yeah its lengthy again! Because I had to cover most of it. And it indeed covers almost all of the basic features in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Build 8250 – Evaluation copy.Pros::
-Very fast Startup, U must have noticed, it hardly took 5 secs!
-Great look
-More informative system apps like copy, taskManager
-And many more

-No driver support presently
-It doesn’t come with .Net activated. Many apps need it and if your behind some Proxy, Its really a pain in the ass. I had spent a lot of time to get it working!
-Photos, Reader and other windows apps are not smooth
-Windows apps eats up a lot of resources.

Any queries please post. Will try to get back with an answer asap.



MIUI ICS-4.0.4 AdyScorpius MIUI-v4 v2.3.31 Video review

MIUI v4 ICS latest
– Awesome Look
– In-built firewall for,
-Data usage control of each app
-Call spamming control
-SMS spamming control
-Customisable Notifications
-In-built Torch
-Awesome In-built Music player with lyrics support
-In-built Full screen caller Id support
-Highly customization in themes
-In built Proxy support -(to certain extent)
-Updates every Friday!!
-And many more

-Worse battery life
-Discharges as u see when in use

-Deep sleep works great! So can last longer, may be a day, If used only to answer and make calls

Hope you guys like this effort. Thumbs up if you do.
Any clarifications please comment, I will get asap.



Qualcomm snapdragon, 20 days for one charge !

This is going to be a new revolution!

So you’re a big fan of your current Android smartphone save for the fact you seem to charge it every few hours.  What to do for your next smartphone?  Qualcomm believes you ought to consider a Snapdragon chipset for the Android handset and/or tablet.  To help illustrate just how great the Snapdragon’s battery life is, Qualcomm decided to show off a bit by filming a video over the span of 20 days and one charge.  The video below, Around the World in One Charge, shows a handset making its way around the globe on one singular charge.
Additionally, Qualcomm is implementing a contest on their Snapdragon Facebook page where you are encouraged to submit photos or videos of what you can do with one charge. Winners of the One Charge Challenge will receive Snapdragon enabled tablets and/or smartphones.



Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Could Launch As Early As This Summer

While some of you are still waiting around (possibly indefinitely) for Ice Cream Sandwich to land on your Android device, “inside sources” are reporting that Google could be ramping up development of the next version of Android 5.0 Jelly Bean, with a release sometime during the 2nd quarter of this year. According to Digitimes, Google is looking to beat Microsoft’s tablet friendly Windows 8 out of the gate, with Jelly Bean bringing a renewed focus on the tablet experience.
Google’s coup de grace will be Jelly Bean’s unique ability to dual-boot into Chrome OS, without having to reboot or shutdown the tablet. I know that sounds a little strange, so, we’re going to assume they meant a better integration of Chrome within the Android OS. Of course, this is all speculation and rumor, but with Google I/O fast approaching, I’m sure it wont be long before Google announces something on Jelly Bean.
Oh, and until then — here’s a music video made entirely out of jelly beans. You know, if you’re in the mood.